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American Society of Golf Course Architects


Internet Communications


Website writing, architecture & design

internet communicationAmerican Society of Golf Course Architects

Internet Communications

Strategic approach drives business for association members


The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA)is a professional organization whose members have designed and remodeled many of the most famous and storied courses in golf. The organization has sought to promote its members and their projects through online and social media. The Ritterbusch Group completely redesigned the ASGCA website, www.asgca.org, to optimize its usefulness and enhance the online presence of ASGCA. TRG has also developed utilized social media and online advertising to promote ASGCA and its members.


The first step TRG took in renovating the ASGCA website was to create a hierarchy of needs and priorities, establishing what useful content currently existed for its members and their core audiences. Navigation, usability, and aesthetic design were all rethought to better align with best practice principles in website user experience (UX). During the process TRG worked closely with the ASGCA board and a select website committee to ensure the design effectively captured the spirit of the storied organization.


ASGCA’s reimagined website averages more than visits per month than ever before with a reach that truly spans the globe. It boasts a contemporary design and provides content that is pertinent to ASGCA’s target audiences. Websites should be always evolving and ASGCA’s is no different. There is a constant stream of new content flowing through its pages, and the core design undergoes its own periodic makeover, always keeping the site both vibrant and current.

Though ASGCA may be steeped in history and tradition, their website certainly embraces modern technology in a way that both helps grow the organization and aids their thriving member community.