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Business GrowthAmerican Tree Experts

Business Growth

Thorough research leads to successful direct mail campaigns


A long-standing tree care services company based in the greater Milwaukee area, American Tree Experts (ATE) approached The Ritterbusch Group in late 2014 for help in getting more bang for their marketing dollar. They had long employed a marketing services firm but felt their efforts were too scattershot and offered too little return on investment.


TRG analyzed their customer database, isolated those who were most profitable and offered the greatest growth potential and recommended activities that would raise awareness among those “best customers.” Through direct mail, public relations, and client communications, TRG has stretched the company’s marketing budget. As marketing efforts continue in 2016, TRG recently created a new organization logo set to debut later this year.


After the first year of partnership with TRG, ATE has recorded their highest revenue to date. The company has also increased its active customer base in their primary target markets and continued to expand its most profitable service offerings.

Too many times in our business, companies will act before thinking. ATE, however, is a prime example of a company benefiting greatly from strategic tactical execution.