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Project Lead The Way - Wisconsin


Awareness Building


Magazine Writing, layout & publication

awareness-buildingProject Lead The Way - Wisconsin

Awareness Building

Education program expands awareness


Project Lead The Way – Wisconsin (PLTW) is a middle school and high school curriculum program focused on STEM-based education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). PLTW – Wisconsin utilized The Ritterbusch Group’s strategic planning capabilities, including development of a multi-year growth strategy. Recommendations included the creation of a communications vehicle to keep its more than 45,000 students, their families and educators informed and connected.


Following extensive research, including discussions with PLTW administrators and focus groups with educators and students, The Ritterbusch Group created “Wisconsin STEM Pathways,” a 20-24-page magazine profiling students, school and professional opportunities available to STEM-educated people in Wisconsin.


Since its debut in fall 2011, “Wisconsin STEM Pathways” has been produced three times each school year, and the number of students in the program has increased more than 50 percent. Print copies are delivered to every Wisconsin-based PLTW student in the classroom. An electronic version is posted to the PLTW-Wisconsin website. The publication is also used by PLTW staff to continue the program’s growth, both academically and with donors/sponsors. Today, more than 45,000 students in nearly 300 Wisconsin schools study PLTW curriculum.

Laying out Pathways magazine is one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been associated with. Having a hand in bettering Wisconsin’s education system can be pretty inspiring.