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Tri-State Adjustments, Inc.


Brand Development / Internet Communications


Website Architecture, Writing & Design

internet communicationbrand developmentTri-State Adjustments, Inc.

Internet Communication / Brand Development

Brand revitalization builds pride among staff and customers


Tri-State Adjustments, Inc. (TSA) is a recognized leader in collection services. With offices in Wisconsin and Illinois, TSA assists businesses nationwide in the collection and recovery of their accounts receivable. Known industry-wide for their commitment to cutting-edge collection technologies and recovery processes, TSA leadership believed their corporate brand and online identity had started to fall behind the times. To them, it no longer was in-step with how progressive their business had become.


The Ritterbusch Group partnered with TSA leadership on a brand revitalization effort. TRG decided to keep, but modify the existing TSA logo and surround it with a branding philosophy and aesthetic that would match the company’s dynamic service offerings. To fully support the brand, a new TSA website was created – complete with soothing visuals, easy-to-navigate structure and well-written content. And along with matching stationery and business cards, a 12-page corporate brochure was also developed. This show piece serves as a companion to TSA employees when on the road and is a useful in helping focus potential customers on the company’s key points of differentiation and various services offerings.


TSA’s updated brand, new website and corporate brochure were home runs with staff and customers. TSA employees now point to the website with pride and happily distribute dozens of business cards and corporate brochures at the many conferences they attend, sponsor and exhibit at. In additional to the brand refresh, web assistance and collateral development, The Ritterbusch Group now creates TSA’s annual holiday card – always a fun, quirky and eagerly anticipated end-of-year project.

I love working with TSA. They have a style that is all their own. One look at their annual Christmas cards and you will know exactly what I mean.