Rick Natynski



  • Print Design
  • Magazine Layout
  • Photography
  • Infographics


BA from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater



Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jacks

Rick, who joined TRG in 2006, is an approachable and multi-skilled designer and photographer. Clients gravitate towards his easy-going demeanor and appreciate his ability to adapt quickly to their often immediate, and sometimes unexpected, changes to a creative project. Reliable and dependable, Rick is able to take a direction and run with it giving clients exactly what they want when they expect it.

Many TRG clients rely on Rick’s quick ability to tackle puzzling design issues. It’s common for Rick to help execute on new collateral based on previous, or even unfinished, designs. Rick excels at taking the spirit of an existing brand and expanding it to meet the needs of the evolving client.

Any design can be done efficiently. And any design can be done effectively. But Rick has the unique ability to deliver on both accounts. It’s an invaluable asset in today’s budget-conscious environment.

Rick’s steady hand was hard at work for this client project: